CheetayPOP is a live trivia game show app with cash prizes. Win real money by getting answers right. It’s that simple.

The quiz goes live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 pm.

Check out our How To Play video for rules, tips, and help.

It's absolutely FREE to play.

Once you download the game and sign up, you’ll receive the following:
  1. 3 Skip lifelines
  2. 3 Life lifelines
  3. 3 50-50 lifelines
  4. 3 Sneak Peek lifelines

The Daily Prize is the cash prize you receive after you successfully complete the first round. The first round consists of 10 questions. The total Daily Prize amount is divided equally among players that successfully complete this round.

The Jackpot Prize is the Rs. 10,000,000 cash prize you receive after you match all numbers in the Power Round and answer the 11th question correctly. The total Jackpot Prize amount is divided equally among the winners of the Power Round.


There are 4 types of lifelines.
50/50: eliminates 2 incorrect answers, leaving you with 2 options to choose from
Sneak Peek: allows a player to view what percentage of players chose each answer
Skip: bypasses the question altogether
Life: enables a user to rejoin the quiz after being eliminated

Players can collect lifelines by:
  • Referring friends
  • Ordering through Cheetay

No, lifelines are distributed randomly to ensure even distribution.

You cannot send or receive lifelines directly from another user. You can only get lifelines by ordering from Cheetay or referring friends.


A player can be a part of 5 teams. After that, if they want to join another team they must drop out of one of the teams that they are a part of.

The admin decides who can be a part of the team. They can accept requests and send invitations. They have the power to kick out existing players from a team.

Yes. An existing admin of a team can make another member of the team an admin.

Referral codes

You can send an SMS to all your contacts by clicking the ‘Invite Friends’ button on the home screen. Tell your friends to use your referral code when signing up and you will receive an Extra Lifeline when they play their first game.

Confirm with your friend they used your referral code and spelled it correctly. You’ll receive an Extra Life when they play their first game. Only one Extra Lifeline will be given, no matter how many games that user plays after their first.

After you play your first game, you’ll be rewarded with 1 Life lifeline.

You cannot use a referral code after you have registered.


All cash prizes are subjected to a 20% tax deduction.

  • Normal Round (Question 1 to 10): All players who win the Normal Round will split the Daily Prize equally.
  • Power Round lottery: Players will win based on how many numbers they matched.
  • Power Round question: All players who win the Power Round question will split the jackpot equally.

Please note that winnings up to Rs. 25,000 are deposited in the Player's Cheetay Wallet. Any winnings that are above Rs. 25,000 can be cashed out by filling a form. For more information please contact us at info@cheetaypop.pk.

The Daily Prize is split equally among all winners of the first round (which consists of 10 questions). In your case, the daily prize of Rs. 100,000 was split among 20 winners, with each winner receiving Rs. 5000.

You can collect your winnings above Rs. 25,000 by visiting our office in Lahore. Make sure to bring your CNIC along.

Office address: 10 B Faiz Ahmed Faiz Rd, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate Kot Lakhpat, Lahore, Punjab 54700

Technical issues and support

You should only play CheetayPOP if you have a strong and stable internet connection. If you do get disconnected, our system will attempt to reconnect to you multiple times but if it is unable to establish a link, your game will be over. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible if your connection breaks during a quiz.

CheetayPOP for Apple products is available for Operating System Version 10.0 (Xcode 12.0) and newer. Please check that you have the latest update.

CheetayPOP for Android is available for Operating System 5.0 Lollipop (API level 21) and newer. Check to make sure your Android phone’s OS is up to date!

Please contact info@cheetaypop.pk with any issues you’re experiencing. We’d be happy to help.


Please contact info@cheetaypop.pk with any issues you’re having with the app. We’ll be happy to help you out!

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