Rules of the Game

The Live Quiz Game/CheetayPOP (the “Game”) is owned and operated by Cheetay Logistics Private Limited or its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Company”).

1. Eligibility

Participation to this Game is open to Pakistani nationals residing in Pakistan over the age of 18 years holding a valid computerized national identity card. Moreover, for Pakistani nationals residing in Pakistan who are below 18 years of age can participate in the game with the approval of their parents/guardians.

Participation to this Game is open to Pakistani nationals residing in Pakistan over the age of 18 years holding a valid computerized national identity card. Moreover, for Pakistani nationals residing in Pakistan who are below 18 years of age can participate in the game with the approval of their parents/guardians.

The Company reserves the right to deny access to the Game to anyone at its sole discretion.

2. Signing up for the quiz

The players will sign up for the Game by using their Cheetay credentials (‘Cheetay credentials’ refer to the credentials used by Participants to log in on Cheetay’s website) or the sign-up page of the Game shall redirect the player to Cheetay’s webpage to sign up.

Players would need to grant access to their social media accounts i.e. Facebook and Twitter, if they want to post their Game performance on their social media feed. For example, “I got to Question 8 on Live Quiz today” or “I won Rs. 50,000 on Live Quiz today. Click here to Sign up!”. Players posting these updates regularly on their feed will be awarded with a random lifeline for the Game. The players will be given a prompt to advise them to connect to a WiFi source for improved network services.

Once a Participant enters the game, they will not be able to cancel their entry and they will not be refunded or provided a substitute entry except as otherwise stated in these official rules.

3. Referrals and Invitations

Players signing up for the Game shall be given an opportunity to invite their contacts to the Game. If a player gets their contacts to join the Game, they will be awarded with one life for every such contact. If the option of inviting contacts at Game sign up is accepted by the Players, an invite will be sent via SMS or WhatsApp to his entire contact list with a link to download the app. Consequently, life(s) will be credited to the player once their contact uses that invite to sign up and plays their first Game. Only the player whose invite is used to sign up gets credited with an extra life. Contacts accepting the invitation will get PKR 300 (inclusive of applicable taxes) in their Cheetay Wallet after they sign up and play their first Game.

SMS through the invitation option would only be sent to local numbers and would not go out to any foreign number.

Invitation reminders (via SMS) for the first 5 days to those who would not have signed up. After 5 days, players not signing up will be sent “Hint Questions” as SMS at the same time as everyone else from player’s ID or reference player name. Through this, they can also invite their contacts to answer questions and download the app. If the contact signs up, they can also be offered PKR 300 in their Cheetay Wallet.

4. Game Launch

Players will receive push notifications 5 minutes before and 2 minutes after the Game starts if they are not already logged in. An example of such notification would be: “Live Quiz starts in 5 minutes, Launch the App and Get ready to win!”. In case a player launches the App before the beginning of the Game, they will be shown “Next Game Information” (for example, ‘Game starts at 9:01:30 with the host speaking) and a “Remind” button along with that player’s basic information. Notifications will be received even if the Game App has been launched and is running the background of the player’s phone. Players who would have turned their push notifications off, will be prompted to turn them on once a week.

5. The Normal Round of the Game

The Live Quiz will start at a predetermined time that will be announced in advance. The Games will be live on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week at 8pm Pakistan time.

The players must have ordered something from Cheetay in the previous 7 days in order to participate in the Game. When a player orders from Cheetay, CheetayPOP automatically unlocks the gameplay for that week.

When the Game starts, the host would appear and would welcome the participants. The host would then give a time of 60-120 seconds for players to log in to the Game. A timer will run simultaneously on the screen for the said duration.

After this, the Quiz will start, and questions along with 4 answer options will appear on the screen. The questions will be set up in order of their difficulty level. Level of difficulty increasing with every subsequent question.

Question Timer begins as soon as the question appears on screen and then the player would have 10 to 20 seconds to pick their answer option. There will be a buffer time in-between questions. This buffer time would give an opportunity to eliminate players to use a lifeline if they want to get back in the Game.

The players would have the option to change their answer as many times as they want until the question time runs out. The correct answer for a question will be shown after the time runs out. If a player’s answer to a question is correct, they will move on to the next question. If a player’s answer is incorrect, they would be knocked out of the Game. However, they can still choose to watch the Game.

The players can use their different lifelines to stay in the Game. Lifelines can be earned by a player if they order from Cheetay.

The players would have to answer all 10 questions in a sequence. Upon successfully answering all 10 questions correctly, they will move on to the next round: Power Round.

6. Power Round of the Game

This will be a round where a player would have to pick 3 numbers between 1 and 47 in any order (cannot repeat a number), and one ‘power number’ between 1-99.

On a player’s screen, one number will reveal itself at a time. The first 3 numbers will be revealed in an ascending order which is followed up by the reveal of the power number. Players will then get a question on the basis of numbers they match.

7. Power Question of the Game

Based on the numbers matched, the player will receive either a very easy, moderate or very difficult question. If the player matches all 4 numbers, they will unlock an easy question and proceed to win the jackpot.

The payout for question 11 will be based on both: numbers matched, and questions answered.

8. Lifelines and other opportunities in the Game

Following are the different kinds of lifelines and opportunities that will be given to players as a chance to stay in the Game and keep playing:

  1. Life

    a. Can be used to rejoin the Game after submitting an incorrect response.

    b. Only valid for the first 7 questions.

  2. Pass

    a. Can be used to move onto the next question without having to answer the current question.

    b. Only valid for the first 7 questions.

  3. Sneak Peak

    a. Can be used to look at the aggregate percentage responses (from all players and not just the team) for each question that has been submitted (keeps updating until the time runs out).

    b. Only valid for the first 9 questions.

  4. 50-50

    a. Can be used to randomly remove 2 incorrect answers from multiple choice list (the list will be greyed out for convenience).

    b. Valid for the first 10 questions.

9. Prizes for Normal Round

For the Normal Round, all players winning this round will split the daily prize equally among themselves. The daily prize will be paid to the winners after deduction of all applicable taxes.

The daily prize would be different every day and would depend on how the game progresses on that particular day.

10. Prizes for Power Round

All players winning the Power Round will split the power prize/jackpot equally among themselves. The players will win this round based on how many numbers they match (payouts to be adjusted and will be independent of Power Prize/Jackpot amount).

If a player matches all numbers; they will win the power prize/jackpot. If more than one player wins the jackpot, it will be split equally amongst them. If nobody wins, the Power Prize/Jackpot is added to the next Game’s Power Prize/Jackpot.

Any payout given to the winners of this round shall be paid after deduction of all applicable taxes.

11. Other rules/considerations regarding prizes

Unlike Power Prize/Jackpot, the amount of daily prize is not carried on to the next Game if nobody wins.

All Winnings of Rs. 25,000 or above (including the power round as well as the normal round), will be deposited in players’ Cheetay Wallet (the Company reserves the right to to integrate other wallets into the Game). Any winnings above Rs. 25,000 can be cashed out by filling in a form with players’ details.

12. Hints

Players will receive an in-App notification to answer a question at a particular time on Game day and will have 2 minutes to answer that question. If a player correctly answers this question, they get a hint for Question 10 of that particular day. If the player incorrectly answers the question, they do not get a hint for Question 10.

All Players will get hint questions whether they are eligible to play on that day or not.

13. Team Play

Players will be free to form teams of up to 100 members and a player can be a part of 5 teams simultaneously. The team would have to select a name for itself. If a player, who is already a part of 5 teams, wants to change their team, they must drop out of an existing team. Players can be a member of different teams but would have to pick only one for which they would be playing on that day. They would have to choose their team before the Game begins. The player would have the option to select a preferred team as default, but the same would have to be manually selected.

Each team shall have an admin who can invite people to join the Game. The team admins can also make other team members, admin of the team. The new team admins would also be empowered to invite other people to join in. Moreover, team admins can also remove members of a team from the Game.

The players can leave at any time during the Game without any restrictions.

Team members can chat among themselves using the chat feature during the Game. Each player/team admin can also view the players in a team. Admins can also set a reminder for all team members to be notified 10 minutes prior to the Game (players who would have also chosen the ‘Remind’ option separately would only be notified once).

The players would be able to see their team’s aggregate percentage responses to each question. Based on settings, all winnings of a team will be aggregated and split equally between the players participating in the Game that day.

14. Hosts

The hosts will appear at the beginning of the Game and will give a short warm-up speech for people joining in. The hosts will be on screen with a rolling chat underneath them between questions; however, when a question is live that rolling chat underneath would disappear.

15. Toofani Sawaal

A Killer Question will be the one that knocks out more than 50% of players in the Game. The Killer Question will appear as an animation along with a sound affect.

16. Halwa Sawaal

A Bumper Question will be the one that is most likely to be answered correctly by majority (more than 90%) of the players in the Game. The Bumper Question will appear as an animation along with a sound affect.

17. Ending of the Game

The Game will officially end when the host signs off. After this, music will be played in the background and players will be shown celebratory screen confetti. During this, the names of winning teams and players would be displayed along with their winning charts.

18. Social Media

The Game will be integrated with mainstream social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter, to auto-post player performance on their respective site and consequently, inviting more viewers to sign up for the Game.

19. Global Leaderboard

The global leaderboard would include player rankings, Gamer IDs and respective scores.

20. Player Dashboard

A player’s dashboard will include Daily prize amount (a sponsor box if it’s sponsored), Power prize amount (a sponsor box if it’s sponsored), player’s lifetime winnings, their monthly and lifetime rankings, and available lifelines (players can buy lifelines either from the loyalty program or directly from the Game).

21. Host Screen

The players will watch the host deliver a welcome address which will be followed up by a 2 minute (should be able to tweak the time as needed) countdown to mark the beginning of the Game. The screen will also show the respective number of people playing and watching the Game. The screen will also include a global chat/team chat and a few areas where potential sponsor logos will be displayed.

22. Watch Party

The watch party has been designed for:

  1. People who do not want to play, but wish to watch the Game, nevertheless.
  2. People who were playing but dropped out of the Game for any reason.

The watch party will have a separate screen which will display questions in the Game, and the aggregate response of active players. Moreover, the watch party will also include a global chat/team chat.

23. Live Game App Rating

The users will be asked for a feedback in shape of a question asking whether they enjoyed the game with a simple Yes/No option. If a user selects ‘No’, they will be asked to provide a feedback to Cheetay. If they select ‘yes’, they would be asked to rate the App on the App Store/Play Store and would be then redirected to the App Store/Play Store.

24. Customer Support and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Players seeking customer support would have to connect to Cheetay’s customer support via Live Chat. Moreover, there will be a separate FAQs section where users will find most of their queries already addressed.

25. Forfeiture and Account Suspension/Termination

The Company is committed to taking all necessary measures to prevent anything that gives a player an unfair advantage over another player. The Company is also committed to ensuring that the Game environment is enjoyable and peaceful. The Company reserves the right to take immediate action in any event where they think that a player is failing to observe the Terms and Conditions contained herein.


a) The Participant agrees that Company shall not be liable for injury, loss, claims or damage of any kind whatsoever arising out of or in connection with participating in the Game and/or from the acceptance or use/misuse of the prize awarded. Each participant agrees to waive and release the Company from the above-mentioned claims and liabilities. This includes, without limitation and to the extent permitted by applicable laws, personal injury, death, and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy.

b) The Company reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at its absolute discretion and without prior notice due to unusual, unforeseeable events beyond the Company’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any actual, anticipated or alleged breach of any applicable law or regulation. If any part of the Terms and Conditions are held to be unenforceable or illegal, such illegal or unenforceable part shall be severed from the Terms and Conditions without affecting the validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions. In any event of contradiction and/or any discrepancy between the provisions of the Terms and Condition and any other publications regarding the Game ,excluding an announcement from the Company regarding changes to the, the provisions of these Term and Conditions shall prevail for all matters and purposes.

c) The Company shall not be liable to perform any of its obligations under the Game where it is unable to do so as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control and shall not be liable to compensate the Participant in such circumstances.

d) The Company shall not be responsible for any issues arising from internet connectivity on Participant’s end. Nor shall any Participant object to any decision of the game if the said objection/issue stems from weak internet connection on their end.

e) In the event of any dispute regarding the Terms and Conditions or the conduct, results, selection of winner and all other matters relating to the Game, the Company’s decision shall be final and binding on the Participant and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into nor shall be challenged in any court of law.

f) Each of the Participants hereby agrees and confirms, that his/her participation in the Game and/or winning the prize, may be covered, filmed, photographed, and broadcasted on television, billboards, printed press, websites, social media and that by his/her very participation in this Game , the Participant hereby expresses his/her consent and authorizes the Company, without any compensation to the publication and/or filming of his/her name, photos and video as part of said coverage and publications, including as part of Company publications on any media including print, social media, television, cable, satellite channels in and outside Pakistan (where not prohibited by written law), and to the use of statements of the participants or any creative content made or submitted by the Participant as part of the Game.

g) Any winning prize shall not be exchangeable, transferable, in all cases, whether in whole or part and Company expressly disclaim any warranties, express or implied in connection with any prizes to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws. It is a condition of entry that the winner may be required to execute deed of acknowledgement, release and indemnity in a form prescribed by the Company and any other document required by the Company in its sole discretion.

h) Company reserves the right to disqualify any Participant or Winner or reject any entry/participation in such manner as Company deems, without giving notice or reason, and without any liability to the Participant or the Winner.

i) Company reserves the right, without prior notice and at any time to terminate or cancel the Game, in whole or in part, or modify the Game in any way, without liability to any person.

j) Personal Information provided by the Participants or that is obtained by the Company under the Game including details of Participant’s social media, may be used by the Company in order to review, develop and improve the services they offer.

k) The Company accepts no responsibility for any tax implication that may arise from acceptance of the prize winnings.

l) Cost of accessing the Internet/cellular network for the purpose of the Game is the Participant’s responsibility. Responsibility for providing personal details accurately solely lies with the Participant, and the Company shall not be responsible for the veracity and/or accuracy and/or entry of details. Inaccurate/incomplete, late entries will be deemed invalid. Any entry and or participation that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions will be invalid.

m) This competition and the terms and conditions shall be governed by laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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